Friday, February 3, 2012

Updates and such

The house is a disaster,  but there are clean diapers and clean clothes, and Leaf's bedroom just needs another half hour or so of work.

It's been a crazy few weeks here, but we're winding down our hospital stay, and theoretically planning to bring Leaf home again on Wednesday. Wish us luck. I got our nursing schedule for the month today, and it looks like we'll do ok, if I can stand the new nurses (and some of Acorn's old ones).

I've also started paperwork to have Acorn evaluated for the public school's preschool. I'm torn on this, but we're going to see how it goes. He's been signing more and trying to say more words, and actively asking for signs for some things, which is very exciting....but totally against the school's preferences, since they don't like sign language.

On the crazy business and writing front (ie, keeping my sanity, one keystroke at a time):

I launched my first e-course on planning for Pagan holidays - and it's free, so go check it out!

I've also started Goddess Leonie's Become a Business Goddess course, so watch for more exciting things to stop living in my head and escape out into the real world.

Pagan Parenting in the NICU is available as an ebook on - I'm working on edits to get it listed on Amazon too!

I have a submission in for an anthology of Pagan birth stories, and I'm working on another for an anthology about Pagans with disabilities.

And, as I mentioned on Wednesday, we're planning a birthday bash here at Our Little Acorn, so if you want to be involved, let me know


  1. I did the holiday e-course and thought it was Great! It is bound to help everyone have more meaningful and calm celebrations.

  2. It's admirable how much you get done, between "normal" and special family madness. You are an inspiration.