Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some good news for a change

In the midst of insurance wrangling and new specialists giving new names to things Acorn has always had (but, you know, naming them makes for more leverage to get what Acorn needs), we've had a few bright spots this week.

Acorn is working on getting rid of diapers. It's slow, and he needs a lot of reminders, and he's still learning to get those training pants off and on, but most days we are down to 1 soiled pair of trainers and a couple of diapers. It's an interesting switch for us, after more than a year of a dozen or more diapers every day.

He's also quickly weaning off his oxygen. Not at night yet, where we're often still running 1/4 liter or more at times, but during the day he can go at least an hour without (that's the longest we've tried so far). So most of the time, he's on 1/16-1/8 of a liter of oxygen now when we're out and about, which means a tank lasts forever.

The small windows of tubelessness open up a world of possibilities...going to the park without getting tangled, for one. Going to some of the local indoor play areas, which are sooo not child-with-tubing-and-tank-as-leash friendly.

And maybe, just maybe, a toddler gymnastics class starting in a month or so - he so wants to learn to do summersalts, and he's nominally at the low normal end of gross motor skills development for his actual age, so it ought to work. Especially if we don't mention any of those big scary medical words that might make them think he's not well enough to attend.

Because, thankfully, he's certainly well enough to do normal kid things - it's taken 2 years, but we're getting there.

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