Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Naming the new feature, and other miscellany

The new feature, which contains various resources for Pagan Parents, is being called "Weaving our Web" - there's a page explaining it on the right, and there will be a link to all the posts there.

Speaking of pages, I think now that there are pages available, I need a different template so I can get them in the right place. The search is on - or, if you know someone who does blog remodelling at a reasonable price, let me know.

We've had 2 weeks of insanity here, with Acorn being dropped from home-based therapy with no transition plan to get him into outpatient. We've also had an IEP meeting, adjourned the meeting without signing it, and are waiting on details.

I've got a couple extra appointments in the works for him as well - one to hopefully find someone who can help with the anxiety issues, and one who can help forge a better working relationship with the school - Acorn is one smart cookie, even if he doesn't talk, and the school doesn't always know how to work with him effectively.

At any rate, we're still afloat, but barely. We really could use a bit of good news, or at least a reduction in drama, or an increase in sleep.

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