Wednesday, May 26, 2010

and they think my kid doesn't communicate...

Today Acorn's OT from school was here.

He wouldn't cooperate. No playing, no eating.

When her half hour was up, she said she was going to go, and started packing up her stuff.

Acorn grinned, signed "great" and got started eating the jello and yogurt the OT had intended on having him eat for breakfast that he wouldn't touch.


On the down side, the agency that has been providing his insurance-paid therapy is now claiming he doesn't qualify for services at home, effective immediately. We can apply for the waiting list for a timeslot in their outpatient clinic, but we'd get all new therapists, and no choice of times, if there's a time available at all, since it's summer and anyone who has very limited benefits and isn't getting summer therapy from the school is burning their insurance paid therapy right now.

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