Friday, February 5, 2010

A giveaway you'll love

Have I mentioned that we've met (well, met in the online sense of the word) some really fabulous people by virtue of Acorn having a trach?

Tammy over at Praying for Parker is one of them. She's amazingly sweet, and one tough mama who has been through far more things than I hope we'll ever have to do, all in the name of keeping her little cutie, Parker, alive and well. Parker has a trach, just like Acorn, and pulmonary hypertension, just like Acorn - though Parker's is far worse.

Tammy was one of the first trach moms I ever met online. She was super friendly and helpful when we were first getting started, and reading about Parker's journey has taught me so much about dealing with medical stuff, and interacting with the rest of the world - both as the mom of a medically fragile kiddo, and as a "normal" person who is often out in places where I run into other families with special needs kids.

So....all that aside....

Tammy and Parker have reviewed Melissa & Doug's grocery store/lemonade stand, which is really neat. They're giving one away for free over on their blog this week. And while I'd really rather win it myself for ought to go read their blog and enter too.

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