Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sometimes there's only so much one mom can do

I'm sitting here in Acorn's room, with the lights dim, long after he should be sleeping. He's been sick since Friday, and between the albuterol and the prednisone, he's kind of hyper. And we hadn't really gotten back to a normal sleep schedule after our trip, so sleeping isn't working out so well right now.

To add to it, I've been sick since Sunday. I called in sick to work yesterday thinking that a day to rest up and take it easy would cure my sore throat. It did....but the germs moved out of my throat and into my chest. I'm taking just about as much  albuterol as Acorn is, and considerably more prednisone.

And I still feel like complete and utter shit.

I would like nothing more to be in bed right now, but it's Big Oak's night out. And honestly, I *was* feeling somewhat better this afternoon, so I didn't think this would suck quite as much as it does right now. But you know it's bad when you put on your kid's favorite movie so that you can go get your own meds so that you can stop coughing long enough to not pass out so you can give said child his meds.

Which, an hour after starting this post, I'm doing because he still isn't asleep, and he started wheezing. Of course, he spilled half of it, and then promptly went to sleep.

It's nights like this I really wonder about the sanity of this whole situation. But right now, I think I'll just crash here on the couch for a nap - both the night nurse and Big Oak are due within the half hour, and I really do need to go to work tomorrow after 2 days at home.

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