Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How many diapers?

This is part of the MckLinky Blog Hop on this subject, hosted by The Cloth Diaper Report, who asks:

What is your opinion of an ideal stash? What is your dream stash and what is your reality?

Officially, I thought we had our dream stash until last month, when plans for a trip to Florida meant deciding if we were buying 'sposies for the 4 days (and given Acorn's habit of diaper rash while in sposies in the hospital, we weren't sure that was a good plan), or carrying 4 days of dirty dipes, or washing by hand...so I added 3 dozen flats this past week.

Our reality: way more diapers than I ever expected to have, but also a way different situation than I expected.

Out of rotation:
a dozen or so small AIOs and pockets
2 dozen infant prefolds
2 dozen more infant prefolds, and 3 preemie prefolds, which are in use as burp cloths
2 or 3 small fitteds
a half dozen small and extra small covers.
we thought Acorn was going to daycare, so AIOs were the thing. He's not able to do that, and outgrew all of these before he came home from the NICU.
There's also a handful of medium covers out of rotation. Most of these were used, but a small fraction were bought new with baby shower money when we thought Acorn was coming home.
Current rotation:
6 5 covers (one bit the dust this week). Out of that, one is heading that way, and 2 more are going to be outgrown in the next few weeks. Almost all of these were new.
3 dozen flats, as noted above. All bought second hand, though 2 dozen were still new in package.
26 premium prefolds (some dyed, some bleached). All bought used.
18 Imse Vimse contours - 3 new, the rest bought well used. Many of the used have holes, and ought to be patched. These are a "one size" diaper, and they're still a bit big on Acorn.
10 8 WonderWorks pockets - bought used, not our favorites. 2 of them have serious leak issues and are out of rotation.
1 AI2 - It's cute, green, and embroidered, but I can't remember the name off hand.  I won this one.
1 Smartypants pocket - I love this diaper, and the snaps - I won this as well.
16 BG3 - a white one that I won, the rest were bought barely used, in yellow, orange, and 2 shades of green.
Addtionally, we've got several snappis (most bought used), a dozen pins (which we only started using now that we've got flats), 3 hanging wet pails (2 of which get used as pail liners, one of which I won), and numerous smaller wet bags (almost all of them purchased new - we use them to segregate things in Acorn's diaper bag)
All that for one ~25 lb toddler....and here I was shooting for 2 dozen diapers, total. LOL
To be fair...some of our nurses have never used cloth. The contours and pockets work well for them - especially overnight. The pockets are mostly used when we're out and about, since we're also managing 50 lbs of medical gear, and trying to manage multi-piece diapers on top of that is just not happy. Prefolds get the most use, and even Big Oak does them (and the flats, with pins!). The flats are not likely to get a lot of use other than this trip, and possibly when the weather is warmer here, but you never know.

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  1. Thanks for joining in the meme! It's fun seeing everyone's difference stashes and similarities and differences in what is an idea stash.

  2. Thanks for joining in the meme! It's fun seeing everyone's difference stashes and similarities and differences in what is an idea stash.