Tuesday, March 14, 2000

PR Policy

This is my personal blog, and all views here are my own (unless, of course, I eventually host guest bloggers).

Thus far, I haven't done any reviews. I'd love to review and/or giveaway items that are relevant to our life - things for toddlers, Pagans, parents, and special needs kids.

Any reviews I do will be my honest opinions, based on use of the item(s) in question, and compensation will be noted on a case by case basis.

Currently there are Google ads on this blog; their content is not controlled by me and has no impact on my writing.

In the future, there may be paid ads, and they will be identified as such, but that content will not impact the topics I write about, other than me giving my honest opinion about those products.

The 'Books' link in the main navigation is an affiliate link. Other affiliate links may be used from time to time, and will be identified as such

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